Handcrafted Copper Drinks Optics
and Accessories

Red Lever

A range of handcrafted, bespoke designed, copper drinks optics and accessories.  Add a touch of retro vintage to your man cave, she shed, outside bar area or kitchen. A variety of designs made to order, with options for different handles, taps and spouts. Make a statement and create a truly unique bar feature.

Typical designs include:

  • Blue Lever Handle
  • Red Lever Handle
  • Yellow Lever Handle
  • Black Lever Handle
  • Red Circular Valve
  • Stop Cock Valve
  • Shelves & Glasses Holder

The length of the unit can vary depending on your requirements but typical optic designs are between 32 & 34 cm in length which is due to the different handle types. All units are supplied with mounting hardware, instructions and come brushed polished, lacquered and oven cured, to give a professional finish. Create your own style with our drinks optics and accessories.

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How They Are Made

In our workshop, each unit is individually handcrafted, using quality products, the hand-soldered copper is brushed polished to give a high shine, then lacquered twice to give a protective coating before being oven cured, this prevents the copper from tarnishing too quickly. Each copper optic is then pressure tested for leaks and then dispatched with all the required fittings for wall mounting the optic.

We can craft variations to suit a particular theme or application, alternatively, pick ready-made units from our shop.

Create a statement piece for your bar area with our range of copper optics and accessories.